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What is Exactly Flower Wrapping Paper? A Complete Guide of Floristry Paper

What do you usually spend money on after running a flower shop?

As a florist, my answer is flower wrapping paper.

Can't help buying beautiful wrap papers, especially those Korean-style wrapping papers, because they always have many colour options.

You must have seen many gorgeous photos of beautiful hand-tied bouquets on social media like this.

beautiful Korean Style Hand-tied Bouquet
Fresh-cut flowers are wrapped into an elegant and stylish bouquet, becoming an ideal gift for birthdays, congrats, Valentine's day, Mother's day, etc.

This well-wrapped bouquet is mostly trendy in Asia, like China, Korea, Malaysia, etc. No vase required is a big difference from flower sales in the US.

beautiful lady is holding a bouquet
Florists have the magic to build beautiful structures for bouquets just with paper.

Many people may have the same question.

What is exactly flower wrapping paper? Are they just normal papers?

wrapping paper rolls
After decades of development in the floral retail industry, floral supplies and related products have become more diverse.

There are several kinds of flower wrapping paper in the market.

Kraft Flower Wrapping Paper


large bouquet with kraft paper

Kraft wrapping paper must be the most commonly used material for florists. The classic brown colour will add a vintage touch to your bouquets.

But traditional kraft water is not waterproof and easily gets damaged during long delivery when used to wrap fresh flowers containing too much moisture.

Now we have a better solution, the waterproof kraft paper.

Waterproof Kraft Wrapping Paper for Flowers
Waterproof and thick enough. The greatest part is you have many colour options.

Coordinating the colour of wrapping paper with the flowers you pick is much easier.

Korean Style Wrapping Paper

Korean Style Bouquet
Korean wrapping paper has become a trend recently. Florists love them because they are waterproof and have a delicate feel.

Those papers are covered with a layer of OPP film when produced. That's why they feel like "plastic".

Frosted Flower Wrapping Paper

Beautiful Bouqute with Grey Color Wrapping Paper
Like its name, this paper has a matte surface, making your bouquets look high quality.

Some people can't tell it from Korean wrapping paper.

What is the difference between them?

Korean wrapping paper usually has a smooth surface and lower transparency. In comparison, the frosted paper is more translucent.

Cellophane Wrapping Paper

Rose Stems are wrapped by cellophane Paper

Cellophane paper is waterproof and transparent. It is often used as the outer packaging of bouquets.

Floristry Tissue Paper

small bouquet wrapped by floral tissue paper
Floristry tissue paper is made of cotton fibers, medium soft and waterproof. It is usually used as a lining paper when making a bouquet.

The multi-layer packaging will add an artistic feel to your floral design work.

European Style Wrapping Paper

Korean Style Bouquet
This paper is thicker than kraft paper, so it can hold a perfect crisp shape, which is necessary for the styling of bouquets.

European wrapping paper is usually bi-colour, meaning each side has different colours.

The contrasting or similar colours will make your bouquet look stylish!

Flower Wrapping Tulle&Fabric


Well-wrapped Large Bouquet with LED Balloons
Tulle fabric is a new wrapping material. More and more florists have started to use them in floral design.

Organza, burlap fabric, and stiff netting tulle have become popular in bouquet arrangements.

They say excellent packaging will be great for your product sale, which also works for the flower retail industry.

Selling flowers sometimes is selling floral design. Beautiful flower wrapping paper will upgrade your floral arrangement and improve your flower sale.

Now you must know how to pick the right flower wrapping paper for your flower shop.

Visit our product page and add some to your shopping cart. Happy shopping!

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