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Drop shipping is a convenient way of shipping items directly to the customers that you want to sell to. For example, if you want to sell items that you find on, you can place the order on after receiving the order from your customer.

For drop shipping orders, all the items will be shipped without branding on the items & packaging. Customers can purchase the items from us and sell it as their own, while we ship it to your customers at your desired location.

How to do drop shipping with drop shipping program is total free, All packages from are sent without logo or any information indicating Just make sure to fill out your customer's address as shipping address, then our warehouse will ship out to your customer directly.

For Single orders:

  • Sell products on your own webstore/eBay;
  • Select product(s) on and add to shopping cart;
  • Submit the order and finish the payment,remrember to set the shipping address as your customer’s;
  • will prepare your order and ship out to your customer directly.

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